Why Buy a Lawn Tractor for the Cabin
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Why Buy a Lawn Tractor for the Cabin

Lawn tractors are a fun and practical purchase for your cabin!

Why Buy a Lawn Tractor for the Cabin

We both love riding our ATVs on the trails around the cabin. But, fun aside, cabin ownership comes with a variety of outdoor tasks. Over the years, we have found countless uses for our lawn tractor, which helps us complete many of these tasks efficiently.

We spent many hours comparing models before ultimately deciding to purchase our current workhorse with electronic fuel injection (EFI). Our model features a powerful 679cc twin OHV engine paired with foot-controlled hydrostatic transmission, providing a good driving experience. The fuel-injected motor is also more fuel-efficient than conventional carbureted models. Its twin-blade 42- inch stamped deck has 12 height positions to power through everything from grass cutting to the mulching of leaves. The Multi Trac tires keep the mower grounded and provide thorough traction without tearing up the lawn.

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This machine is one of our favorite tools for completing outdoor chores. Of course, we primarily use our lawn tractor for cutting the lawn. The tight turning radius allows us to spin around obstacles with ease, cutting run time almost in half.

We also use our tractor for mulching and picking up fallen leaves in autumn. The mulcher is simple to attach, and the leaves don’t stand a chance against the power of the motor and deck. When we no longer need to mulch leaves for lawn nutrition, we hook up our towable lawn sweeper to the back of the tractor and swiftly grab the leaves for relocation to a compost pile.

Our lawn tractor is also used to tow a small trailer when we need to pick up fallen branches and sticks, or replenish our wood pile. With the proper attachments, our lawn tractor would be equipped to handle many other tasks as well. These include, but aren’t limited to, plowing, snow blowing, lawn aeration and dethatching, seed spreading and rolling the lawn to smooth out any bumps.

Our lawn tractor helps us get all of these tasks done efficiently, leaving more time for cabin fun. It has been one of our favorite purchases as property owners, and we are always finding new ways to cross items off the honey-do list with it.

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