Winter Campfires
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Winter Campfires

Extend your campfire season all year long with these tips.

Campfires are a classic summer activity, but why limit this warm, cozy, social experience to one season? Campfires can be just as – if not more – enjoyable during the winter months. Here are some ideas to help you get the fire blazing this winter:

• Campfire construction: Hold a contest for the most creatively constructed mini campfire. Who said a log cabin-style fire is the only option? Try a teepee, dome or even a two-story mansion!

• Snow chairs: Create reclined loungers in the snow around the fire pit for homemade seating.

• Hot cocoa: Boil water over an open fire, and add powdered cocoa packets for an authentic steamy drink. Sweeten with a peppermint stick or peppermint tea packet for an additional flare!

• Take the “chill” out of chili: Prepare the spicy stew indoors before heading outside to heat over an open flame. Complete the meal with tortillas – buttered, sprinkled with cinnamon, and warmed over the fire in tinfoil.

• Stargazing: Crisp, clear winter nights are some of the most opportune times for viewing the nighttime sky. For more tips on identifying constellations, check out

• Mini golf: Using light from the fire, create your very own mini golf course by packing down the snow to make fairways complete with dog legs and sand traps made of sticks, then bury tin cans in the snow for the holes and tee off – winner gets a s’more!

• Holiday humming: Savor the laughs as you play “Guess the Holiday Tune!”

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