Women—Would you Try This Stand-to-Pee Device?
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A Solution for Bathroom Breaks in the Outdoors

The Tinkle Belle is a stand-to-pee device for women who are on the go and don't want to expose too much.

Written by Samantha Trueheart
Women ould you Try This Stand-to-Pee Device
Imagine spending the day out at the lake, drinking a few ice-cold beers and enjoying the warmth before the season ends. Those drinks went right through you and now you've really got to pee. Sure, you could ask the driver to take you back to the cabin or you could jump into the cold lake to relieve yourself, but sometimes those options are burdensome or not accessible. Wouldn't it be nice if, like a man, you could discreetly go and continue on with the party?

Okay ladies—we hope we haven’t scared you off just yet. We understand that it’s a concept that feels awkward and downright weird to us. And we’ll be honest—using the Tinkle Belle for the first time is a mental challenge. We just aren’t trained to pee like that! But once you get over your fears, the Tinkle Belle feels like a freedom we’ve never experienced.
Using this stand-to-pee device opens up women for more opportunities to safely relieve themselves in public areas. Whether you are on a hike, on a backcountry road traveling to the cabin, or enjoying a lake day with your friends, the Tinkle Belle helps with the anxiety of being seen in a vulnerable position.

We also found this device to be great for older women. Jumping into a lake from a boat, or squatting in the woods might pose as a safety risk for those with weak knees or sensitive joints.

Raise your hand if your biggest nightmare while going in the woods is getting poison ivy or even worse—a tick—in that area. It does happen and we don’t want to be the ones to experience it.

What are your thoughts on a stand-to-pee device for women? Would you ever try it?

This Stand-to-Pee Device Might Change Your Life


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