Why Hand-Forged Iron Belongs in Every Cabin’s Décor Scheme
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Iron Works: Why Hand-Forged Iron Belongs in Every Cabin’s Decor Scheme

Written by Karen Marley

Photo: Adobe Stock / lunamarina
Iron and wood both represent history, strength, and longevity. Nowhere do these two elemental materials unite better than under the roof of a cabin. With its heft and balance of rugged and refined, iron is a natural pairing with log and timber homes. The two even have a shared history: every cabin that was ever built shares a common ancestry with hand-forged iron.
“For centuries, blacksmiths made all the tools for everything – needles, thimbles, cooking utensils, axes, hammers, pegs, even drills,” says Andy Chambers, of Arc Iron Creations. Chambers is a blacksmith artisan who has studied the craft for more than two decades.
Using hand-forged iron as a décor item today is a way to pay homage to the identity of your cabin. The beauty of hand-forged iron is that it can be anything you wish it to be. From chunky and assertive to delicate and airy, there are no style limitations. Basket weaves, inspirations from nature such as flowers or twigs, ornate scrollwork, modern lines – all can be accomplished under the hand of a skilled blacksmith.
There are endless ways to incorporate iron into your cabin. While many people gravitate to gates and railings, opportunities exist in every room! Fireplace mantels, tables, shelf racking, door pulls, cupboard handles, beds, and more can all be a way to showcase hand-crafted iron.
The key to get the look you want is to use a blacksmith artisan. Doing so is the only way to get a creative twist and a higher quality item that is entirely distinct from mass-produced products. Chambers calls it, “iron with soul.”
When looking for a blacksmith always request to see their portfolio. While a blacksmith should achieve whatever you desire, your piece will be influenced by their creative interpretation. In the end, you will have more than a decorative object. You’ll be continuing a proud tradition that binds ironwork to cabins while celebrating and supporting that craftsmanship spirit.

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