Colonial Concepts Log Homes
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Colonial Concepts Log Homes

Today, discriminating buyers want the absolute best and Colonial Concepts Log Homes has responded with exceptional production standards and outstanding heat ability performance that exceed the capabilities of the conventional log home.

Company Details

Address: 3290 Highway 35
City: Lindayy
State: Ontario
Zipcode: K9V4R1
Phone: 8775633333

Colonial Concepts Log Homes

Colonial Concepts Log Homes' exclusive Triple “S” Technology™ enhances horizontal, vertical and lateral log alignment. It provides the utmost control of shrinkage, settlement and stability over the life of your home.
Our logs are profiled in our corporate manufacturing facilities to maintain the high standards demanded by our customers. Our custom designed, computerized machinery ensures exacting standards and a precision fit.
The dovetail corners are virtually air-tight incorporating our exclusive corner seal system——a self-adjusting, dichromated thru-bolt through a polypropylene spline, that prevents air and moisture penetration while allowing for settlement.
As an added exclusive feature, a complete overcase for our windows and doors allows the log walls to move independently of the window casings and requires no caulking creating a cleaner look and eliminating associated maintenance.
Nowhere else on the market today will you find a pre-manufactured subjamb system that stabilizes the log ends and allows the log wall to settle around your windows and doors.
Because we know that most log home buyers have distinct perceptions regarding the profile of their log home, we offer a square, rough-sawn exterior; a square planed exterior, a D-log profile and a double D-profile, incorporating our unique, patented post seal system. We also offer a log-to-post corner.
We pride ourselves on the many advantages of our log homes and have created this exceptionally energy-efficient log system just for you, the discriminating buyer.

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