Estemerwalt Log Homes
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Estemerwalt Log Homes

Estemerwalt is a premier log home company in the Northeast with over 140 years of experience, offering unparalleled service and log homes for every budget and family size. Logs and lumber are prepared at the company’s own mill in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, which produces a full line of finished lumber products.

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Company Details

Address: 505 Adams Pond Road
City: Honesdale
State: Pennsylvania
Zipcode: 18431

Estemerwalt Log Homes

The Propst family has been setting the standard for excellence in log home and manufacturing the finest in wood products for five generations. Estemerwalt prides itself on unequaled personal service, friendly staff and precision craftsmanship.
·      Complete log home package at the best value
·      Cut out the costly middleman to offer premium products
·      Customize any floor plans to fit your lifestyle and match your vision
·      All logs are Eastern White Pine
Once your log home is designed the way you want it, Estemerwalt’s staff helps you find a qualified, trusted contractor to build it.
Estemerwalt’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and begin planning the perfect log home for you. Find plenty of information at, by calling (570) 729-0733, or visit us in northeast Pennsylvania.Year founded: 1883
Number of homes produced to date: 1000 +
Wood species: Eastern White Pine
Type(s) of wall logs offered: Full or solid log walls or conventionally framed walls with log siding
Available styles of wall log profiles:
·      D logs: 8”x6”, 8”x8”, 10”x10”
·      Flat Logs: 8”x8”, 8”x12”
·      Round Logs: 10” and 12” diameters
Tongue and groove styles: Double tongue and groove system
Corner intersection details for available wall log styles:
·      Butt and pass
·      Dovetail
·      Saddle notch
Types of fastening devices:
·      Lag screws
·      Thru bolts
Types of sealing systems and materials available:
·      Caulk
·      Foam gasket
·      Saddle gasket
Types of building code compliances available: Our high-quality log homes are designed to meet or exceed all state, local and other codes, standards and requirements.

Resource Library


·      Building Your Home

·      Financing Your Home

·      Sustainability

·      Find a Builder

·      Design Your Dream Home

·      Determine the Ideal House Size

·      How Lighting can Enhance Your Home

·      Choosing the Right Location

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