Hearthstone Homes, Inc.
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Hearthstone Homes, Inc.

We have decades of Leadership In All Things Timber. Hearthstone building systems offer surprisingly flexible interior design: from spirited eclectic, to modern, to historic. We also offer on site construction services world wide and turn-key services in many areas.

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Company Details

Address: 120 Willis Road
City: Newport
State: Tennessee
Zipcode: 37821
Contact: Get a Quote

Hearthstone Homes, Inc.

Hearthstone has been creating extraordinary heavy timber homes since 1971. We began as restorers of 150-200-year-old structures, and that heritage still drives us today. Though thoroughly designed and engineered to reflect our experience of thousands of homes and the best in modern technology and comfort, our log homes remain what they were at our modest, yet proud, beginning: faithful reproductions of those 150-200 year old, heart-stopping, hewn, and dove-tailed homes that were the pride and labor of our forefathers.

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