Koski Log Homes
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Koski Log Homes

We at Koski Log Homes build top-quality, custom-built, handcrafted log homes using full-length red and/or white pine logs (no butt joints) in the Scandinavian full-scribe method with the scarf notch.

Company Details

Address: 35993 U.S. Highway 45
City: Ontonagon
State: Michigan
Zipcode: 49953-9423
Phone: 9068844937

Koski Log Homes

Proper treatment of logs is essential from start to finish. We at Koski Log Homes purchase logs cut only in late fall to early spring, which is very important. After we remove the bark, we stack them properly and cover them with tarps to keep out the rain while still allowing air circulation to dry out the logs. The logs are stored this way for usually one to three years. Once a home has been built in our logyard, it is covered with these tarps to keep out the elements, protecting the wood until the home is delivered to the customer’s property. We pride ourselves in the extra care given to our logs to ensure their original beauty.

We send our crew to deliver and set up the home on the customer’s foundation. We also do the roof system up to, but not including, the shingles.

Our homes are not priced by the square foot, but rather by the floor plan, diameter size of logs used, location of delivery of the home and timeframe of delivery.

We have more than 30 years of experience and give very personal service. We are also a dealer of Sikkens Wood Finish.

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