Maple Island Log Homes
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Maple Island Log Homes

Since our inception over 30 years ago, we have been designing and building innovative and unique custom log homes with an attention to detail that has made us one of the most respected companies in the log home industry.

Company Details

Address: 2387 Bayne Road
City: Twin Lake
State: Michigan
Zipcode: 49457-9737
Phone: 8007480137

Maple Island Log Homes

Maple Island Log Homes is the largest hand-crafted log building company east of the Rockies. Our success has come as a result of the hard work, talent and vision of our log crafters, architects and designers who actively challenge the conventional thinking of what can be done with logs.

The result is pure brilliance. If you have ever dreamed of owning a truly stunning home with overwhelming "wow appeal," Maple Island can get you there.

The hand-crafted difference

What sets a Maple Island Log home apart from the rest are the unique and intriguing nuances imparted by the art of handcrafting. Rather than homogenizing the individual character of logs for ease of construction, handcrafting emphasizes and showcases natural shapes, forms and textures. Every Maple Island log home becomes a truly one-of-a-kind expression of personal taste.

Maple Island log crafters are true artisans. Using full-length logs selectively harvested from the forests of northern Michigan, each is hand-peeled using draw knives, to bring out its innate beauty. As a result, our logs retain the natural nuances of grain, taper and texture, making each one an individual work of art.

Maple Island Logs are never machine-milled, as is the case with many pre-cut style log homes. No butt joints or milling marks. Milling produces logs that are totally uniform in size and shape, and thus denies the very individuality we find so compelling.


Maple Island’s in-house architectural professionals are the interpreters of your dream. They render remarkable designs shaped by needs, wishes, desires and musings. Theirs is a blend of structural and technological prowess, integrated with true design artistry. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

You do the dreaming. We’ll saw the logs.

Build out

Your log home shell is pre-assembled at our log yard and each log is individually scribed, notched and fitted into position. This scribing technique has nearly become a lost art, but is on display daily at Maple Island. An average-sized shell can be built in about 10 weeks. It’s then taken apart and shipped to the owner’s site, where it is reconstructed in approximately 3 days.

Maple Island provides superb technical guidance during the finishing of the home on your site. Computer-aided drawings and construction documentation are key parts of the inclusive skill set provided by Maple Island. Two Maple Island supervisors, or even a full crew, will travel to your site for the duration of the basic build out and will oversee the entire assembly process. Working closely with your builder and local contractors, every facet of assembly is monitored and guided to completion.

Dreams realized

Whether adorned in grand sophistication or elegant simplicity, your Maple Island log home will be a spectacular realization of your dreams. The possibilities are truly endless, making your completed Maple island Log Home as unique and individual as your own fingerprints.

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