Old Style Log Works Inc.
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Old Style Log Works Inc.

Old Style Log Works Inc. has been specializing in custom handcrafted Scandinavian full-scribe and chink-style log homes since 1980.

Company Details

Address: PO Box 255
City: Kalispell
State: Montana
Zipcode: 59903
Phone: 8888504665

Old Style Log Works Inc.

Lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce and western larch are full-length, premium house logs ranging from smallest of 12-to-14 inches to large 20- to 22-inch butt diameters depending on customer preferences. Character logs are no problem because every log is hand-picked and hand-peeled by the professionals at Old Style Log Works.

Our shells include no visible splices, full-round log loft joists milled flat, ridge beams/purlins and cap logs are milled on their pitched edge. Loft receiving notches are pre-cut, extremely tight-   fitting lateral grooves with labor-intensive shallow coves to inhibit settling and maximize quality on the Scandinavian full scribe. Five log-end design options sanded twice and design/drafting services are available.

Pre-drilling for steel pins is standard; however, pre-drilling for through-bolts or electrical outlets can be provided. We number, disassemble and load your shell onto a truck to ship nationwide or internationally. To have our personnel on hand to supervise and assist in the reassembly is recommended but not required; manuals are available. Depending on the number of log corners and the intricacy of your roofline, the square-foot cost for our product does vary. A basic design with a straightforward roofline ranges from $26 to $28 per square foot.

Our homes have been featured numerous times in Log Home Living magazine. We will calculate estimates free. We stand behind our work.

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