Rasmussen Log Homes Ltd.
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Rasmussen Log Homes Ltd.

All Rasmussen Log Homes are handcrafted. There are no pre-milled logs used in the construction. All logs are personally hand selected by our experienced personnel.

Company Details

Address: PO Box 485Weyerhaeuser Road
City: Okanangan Falls
State: British Columbia
Zipcode: V0H 1R0
Phone: 8664975155

Rasmussen Log Homes Ltd.

Types of logs used are spruce, Douglas fir and red cedar. All logs are hand peeled. The peeling removes all of the cambium layer, giving a clean look to the log and allowing for proper drying and absorption of preservative. The average mid-span diameter of an Rasmussen Log Homes log is 13 to 15 inches. Corners are joined using the Norwegian notch method. All logs are full-scribed so that the contours of the bottom log are duplicated exactly on the underside of the top log. The lines drawn are then cut out forming a V-groove. This V-groove will be filled with fiberglass insulation upon reassembly at the home site.

All log shells are pre-drilled with a 1 1/2-inch hole to accommodate electrical wiring. To ensure a tight fit during the drying and settling process, we use a through-bolt system. A log home can settle up to 4 inches over a period of three to five years. All window and door cuts are made to accommodate this settling.

Once the log shell is completed, all log ends, window and door openings and arches are fine sanded for a smooth finished look. At Rasmussen Log Homes, we offer a variety of creative arches, door openings, window openings and feature walls. We have many ideas ourselves, but we are more than happy to incorporate suggestions from any sketches or magazine clippings you have saved to create the log home of your dreams.

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