Tomahawk Log & Country Homes
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Tomahawk Log and Country Homes Inc.

Tomahawk Log & Country Homes is a national company offering the highest quality insulated hybrid log homes.

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Address: N10704 County Rd. A
City: Tomahawk
State: Wisconsin
Zipcode: 54487

Tomahawk Log and Country Homes Inc.

Tomahawk Log & Country Homes is proud to offer the highest quality and most complete insulated hybrid homes in the log home industry.
We are a national company well known for our quality materials and personalized service, specializing in all types of custom designed, conventionally constructed, natural wood homes.
We are fully insulated conventional stick built construction, exceeding all building and energy codes, and will qualify for all types of financing.
Our Energy-Log Construction System enables you to build without the limitations commonly experienced in full log construction, such as walls settling with slip joints & jacks, warping and twisting, and electric, plumbing, and HVAC problems, along with lack of sufficient insulation for meeting energy codes.
Conventionally framed 2” x 6” walls are filled with 6” high density fiberglass insulation (R-21), sheathed with 7/16” OSB and 1” high density foam (R-6) for a thermal barrier offering additional energy efficiency, then wrapped with Tyvek and seams are taped. Walls are +/-  R-32 to R-40,  roofs are +/- R-50 to R-60.
For comparison to full log walls,  pine & cedar are + /-  R - 1.5 per inch on average thickness of solid wood.
With our energy efficiency you’ll be cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and with lower energy bills, and probably less maintenance.
We have a very complete package, with top quality materials, and many options available.
Since custom is normal for us, we can do any size or style of home.
TLCH offers our in-house custom design service nationwide.
With your plan or ours, we can make any changes, add or subtract square footage, or we can design a custom plan from scratch that best fits your needs, wants, and building site.
TLCH can assist throughout the design and construction process.
TLCH offers material packages for homes, cabins, & commercial projects, from materials only, to watertight shell construction, to complete turn-key build & general contracting in many areas. TLCH is often able to work with local subs and builders, or other builders of your choice.
We also have “component sets” available in many areas, engineered and constructed to TLCH normal ridged specifications, which can expedite the construction process.
With wall framing and trusses built off site and set on foundation with a crane, homes can be roughed up water-tight lockable more quickly, allowing for easier construction year around.
We offer many choices of exterior finishes with your choice of size and style of kiln dried, hand hewn log or rough sawn siding, to L.P Smart Siding, cedar shakes, stone, or brick, etc. or a blend of several materials. Often stone or brick is used around base at grade level, and cedar shakes or vertical board & baton on gables.
Many log siding and rough sawn corner styles are available from 9” to 14” diameter, with 6” to 10” stack height.
Interior finishes  can be selected room by room, and can be a mix of your choices of log or rough sawn sidings and components, knotty pine, drywall, wainscot, etc. creating the look you want in each area. Structural or decorative log collar ties, 1-cut log rafters, log or rough sawn trusses or ceiling beams, log or rough sawn railings, etc. are all options to choose from.
There are many pictures, floor plans, features, and ideas on our web site and on our Facebook, that may be helpful in your planning and designing process.
We can also work with any possible floor plans or sketches that may have caught your eye or that show plan styles or features you may desire.
Everyone’s needs, desires, and building sites are different, so usually no 2 homes are exactly the same.
We are able to help you from creating your custom floor plan design to home completion.
We can offer remodeling services with custom home or garage additions being added to existing attached or detached structures.
We can also log wrap existing or remodeled structures blending them together to look new construction.
Regarding existing homes needing repairs or replacement siding, components, railings, etc., TLCH with its sawmill, is able to offer all of our normal sizes and styles of log and rough sawn sidings and components, along with many custom sizes and styles, to builders and home owners nationwide, at factory direct pricing.
We can also offer other maintenance products like log builders caulk, log oil/stain, log screws, etc..
TLCH is one of only a handful of manufacturers that has not only produced most of our own log and rough sawn components at our sawmill for more than 34 years, but TLCH has also been constructing log homes for more than 34 years, with well over 2,000 dream homes and light commercial building and counting…...and you could be next!
We’ll look forward to discussing your thoughts and ideas, and working with you throughout your home planning and construction process.
Thank you for your interest in Tomahawk Log & Country Homes!
Market Area - Nationwide & International
Product Literature - Design Guide, 152 pages - Free download on our website, or $15 by mail

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