Wood House Homes (formerly Brentwood Log Homes)
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Wood House Homes (formerly Brentwood Log Homes)

Since 1980 Wood House Homes (formerly Brentwood Log Homes) has offered popular log profiles and wood species.

Company Details

Address: 311 E. Inskip Drive
City: Knoxville
State: Tennessee
Zipcode: 37912
Phone: 8008646701

Wood House Homes (formerly Brentwood Log Homes)

All Wood House Homes are made from dry, standing dead lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce. Foam tape, caulk, dowels and screws are used to secure and seal logs. Logs are graded and inspected under Timber Products, Inc. grading rules and stamped with a Dry Grade stamp.

Matching exterior and interior log siding are available for each log profile offered. Additional custom half-log siding profiles are available. Hand hewing, hand peeling and custom crafted profiling are also available.

Timber frame packages and timber frame construction are now available manufactured from Douglas fir.

Custom design, structural engineering, architect sealed drawings, financing assistance, construction services, from log stacking to turnkey construction, technical support, maintenance, preservation, and restoration services are all available from the company nationwide. 

The company is organized and staffed to provide a wide range of construction services and is prepared to build your home from start to finish. We are licensed in several states, insured and broadly experienced in turnkey construction.  The company builds, either partially or completely, the majority of the homes it designs, manufactures and sells nationally.

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