Fishing Canoes & Kayaks
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Fishing Canoes & Kayaks

Boats for reaching remote areas and getting plenty of exercise while fishing.

Written by John Neporadny Jr.
Whether your cabin sits next to a stream or a lake, your best fishing boat option could be a canoe or kayak. Paddling either of these small crafts to your favorite fishing spot helps keep you in shape and allows you to skim through weed-choked areas that would bog down boats propelled by outboard or electric motors. Canoes provide more open space for storing rods and fishing gear, and they can accommodate a few anglers. Fishing kayaks are designed for a solitary angler, but they have better maneuverability and stability than canoes. Take a look at these ideal choices for canoe and kayak fishing near your cabin.

Pelican International Explorer 14.6 DLX

For Cabins: Constructed with a multi-layer durable material known as RAM-X, this canoe has the ability to regain its initial shape after impact. Aluminum gunwales provide rigidity, and protected rubber sleeves on them make the canoe more comfortable to handle.
Best Feature: It is equipped with comfort folding seats in the bow and stern, and a multitasking center bench seat. The bench has an integrated cooler, and it also has holders for drinks and fishing rods. 
Accessories & Amenities: A motor mount for electric trolling motors up to 30 pounds can be added. The canoe also has a UV-protected exterior finish.
Length: 14 feet, 6 inches
Width: 38 inches
Capacity: 800 pounds
Weight: 90 pounds
MSRP: $600
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Old Town Predator SS150

For Cabins: This canoe is classified as a moderate rocker, meaning it turns easily but can also track well for short to longer distance paddling.
Best Feature: There is a bow-mounted anchor system that allows you to drop anchor and hold the canoe in the same spot, great for windy days.
Accessories & Amenities: Standard features include bow, stern, and center-braced nylon seats, molded-in carrying handles, and a rear motor mount.
Length: 15 feet, 3 inches
Width: 40 inches 
Capacity: 1,700 pounds 
Weight: 113 pounds 
MSRP: $1,600
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Hobie Mirage Outback

For Cabins: This multipurpose kayak features a wide hull for greater stability to fish both big and small waters. The Hobie MirageDrive system allows you to propel the kayak by pedaling rather than paddling, so your hands are free to cast and reel. A paddle is still needed to steer.
Best Feature: Four molded-in rod holders on the gunwales are located in front and behind the seat to keep rods off the floor. The rod holders in front of the seat are ideal for trolling since it is easier for you to reach the rods when a fish strikes.
Accessories & Amenities: An adjustable high-back padded seat with an inflatable lumbar support allows you to sit comfortably and fish for hours without getting a stiff back. The indented rear cargo area has bungee tie downs to safely stow your tackle bag and cooler. A large, covered bow hatch with bungee tie downs provides dry storage for cameras, cell phones and other valuables.
Length: 12 feet, 1 inch
Width: 33 inches
Capacity: 400 pounds
Weight: 88.3 pounds
MSRP: $1,849
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Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Angler

For Cabins: Lightweight and portable, this boat provides top-notch performance for the experienced paddler, yet it is simple for novices to use as well. A new floor layout with widened flat footwells makes it easier to stand up in this sit-on-top kayak (but be careful).
Best Feature: You can quickly change the rigging of this kayak with the SlideTrax Accessory System flush-mounted into the boat. The system accepts mounts for rod holders, depth finders, and a variety of other accessories.
Accessories & Amenities: The new Phase 3 Air Pro seating is comfortable, promoting airflow and eliminating hot spots. The Freedom Elite Seating system allows you to adjust fore and aft for better performance.
Length: 11 feet, 6 inches
Width: 33 inches
Capacity: 500 pounds
Weight: 79 pounds
MSRP: $1,019
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Ascend FS10 Sit-In Angler Kayak

For Cabins: An advanced hull design with an extended keel delivers superior maneuverability, tracking, stability and easy paddling.
Best Feature: The improved removable seating system provides all-day comfort on the water or allows the easy removal of the padded steel-frame seat for a brief rest on shore.
Accessories & Amenities: Fishing gear is easily stowed and locked down with the kayak’s dual flush-mount rod holders, dual bungee paddle keepers, and bungees over the built-in stern well and bow.
Length: 10 feet, 2 inches
Width: 31 inches
Capacity: 325 pounds
Weight: 51 pounds
MSRP: $500
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Adirondack Guideboat 14' Vermont Fishing Dory

For Cabins: At first glance it looks like a canoe, but the Dory has a deeper seat, lower gunwales, and a high bow and stern which makes it better for rowing rather than paddling.
Best Feature: When the fish stop biting, you can start exercising by removing the center seat and replacing it with a sliding seat to turn the boat into a rowing machine.
Accessories & Amenities: The boat comes with two 7½-foot handmade maple oars. A mount for electric trolling motors is an option.
Length: 14 feet
Width: 44 inches
Capacity: 700 pounds
Weight: 80 pounds
MSRP: $4,480
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