MorMor's Rosettes
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MorMor's Rosettes

“My Swedish grandmother (MorMor) made rosettes every holiday season. I’ve finally mastered the family recipe with an old-fashioned cast-iron rosette mold. It just takes practice.”  – Tanya Bäck

Makes 3 dozen
2     eggs
1     tablespoon white sugar
1/4  teaspoon salt
1     cup all-purpose flour
1     cup milk
1     teaspoon vanilla extract
Vegetable oil
Powdered sugar

1. In a mixing bowl, combine eggs, sugar and salt; beat well. Add flour, milk and vanilla extract; beat until smooth.
2. In a deep cast-iron skillet, heat oil to 375º F. Submerge a rosette iron in the oil for 2 minutes to heat the iron.
3. Drain excess oil from the iron. Dip three-quarters of the iron into the batter, then dip the iron immediately into the hot oil.
4. Fry the batter until golden, about 30 seconds. Remove the iron and tip it upside down to drain the oil. Use a fork to push the rosette off the iron onto a cooling rack placed over paper towels.
5. Reheat the iron in oil for 1 minute, and make the next rosette.
6. Sprinkle the rosettes with powdered sugar.

Tips: If the rosettes are too bubbly, beat the mixture a little more. If they’re too soft, turn down the heat and fry slower.
John & Tanya Bäck

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