Phone Numbers for FAIR Insurance Plan Administrators
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Phone Numbers for FAIR Insurance Plan Administrators

There may be situations where an insurer won’t offer coverage for a cabin in a remote area of a state.
If this is the case, consider a high-risk insurer, such as the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plans.

FAIR plans, which cover losses due to fire, vandalism, riot and windstorm, were established in the 1960s to make insurance available to those who are unable to get coverage in the voluntary market. (Note: To qualify for a FAIR plan, you may need to make some cabin improvements to decrease damage risk.)

Below are the states that offer FAIR Plan Insurance or assistance in getting coverage, and the telephone numbers of Plan administrators:

Alabama                                334-943-4029
California                               213-487-0111
Connecticut                           860-528-9546
Delaware                               215-629-8800
District of Columbia                202-393-4640
Florida JUA                            850-513-3700
Florida Windstorm Und. Assoc. 904-296-6105
Georgia                                 770-923-7431
Hawaii                                   808-531-1311
Illinois                                   312-861-0385
Indiana                                  317-264-2310
Iowa                                     515-255-9531
Kansas                                  785-271-2300
Kentucky                               502-425-9998
Louisiana Beach Plan              504-831-6930
Louisiana FAIR Plan                504-831-6930
Maryland                               410-539-6808
Massachusetts                       617-723-3800
Michigan                               313-877-7400
Minnesota                             612-338-7584
Mississippi                             601-981-2915
Missouri                                314-421-0170
New Jersey                           973-622-3838
New Mexico                          505-878-9563
New York                              212-208-9700
Ohio                                    614-839-6446
Oregon                                503-643-5448
Pennsylvania                        215-629-8800
Rhode Island                        617-723-3800
South Carolina                      803-737-6180
Texas                                  512-899-4900
Virginia                                804-358-0416
Washington                          425-745-9808
West Virginia                        215-629-8800
Wisconsin                            414-291-5353

SOURCE: Insurance Information Institute, For the most up-to-date information, please refer to this site.

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