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Living the Cabin Life

Now that you've found and built your perfect cabin, it's time to reap the benefits of cabin life. Enjoy outdoor recreation like hiking and boating, learn about the nature that resides around your property, and prepare for hosting large families and guests so you're stress-free.

Recipes at the Cabin: French Toast Casserole
Make-ahead meals are a smart way to feed a cabin crowd.
Gift Guide 2022: Cabin Chefs
Whether you're shopping for a new cabin chef or a cuisine connoisseur, these gifts will enhance their cooking experience.
How to Make the Most of Your Pennsylvania Cabin Vacation
Instead of being cooped up in a tiny hotel room, you have an entire home away from home with a cabin rental. Here are four tips...
5 Features That Will Make Your Cabin Rental a Hit With Hunters
Here are five features that will attract hunters to your cabin so you can enjoy the extra income and they can enjoy a vacation ...
Preparing Your Cabin for Rental Use
If you have considered putting your cabin up for rent, there a few things to consider and prepare before your first visitors.
Cabin Enlightenment: Daily Dose of Natural Light for Whole-Body Health
A daily dose of natural, outdoor light is essential to a healthy circadian system, a critical element to whole-body health.
Cabins and the Cosmos: An ultimate guide for stargazing at the cabin
Whether your retreat is tucked far away from civilization or in the suburbs, taking the time to step outside and explore the ex...
Book an Escape With One of These Reads
Cabins aren’t just about buying, designing or outfitting the building; they’re meant to be savored, like sipping a sweet tea on...
The Most Popular Rental Cabins in Every State
When it comes to a place to enjoy summer activities, sometimes leaving home can add to the excitement. We’ve found some of the ...
The Tradition Behind Saunas
To the uninitiated, it may seem strange and even mysterious, this steamy, dark hobby. But for a growing number of enthusiasts, ...
Where Ice Fishing Reigns
Tracking tweets, hashtags, and keyword phrases on Twitter, the crew at Boat Safe found the most tags originating in the Upper M...
Quintessential Cabin Country: Northern Minnesota
Dominated by vast expanses of state and national parks, laced with lakes surrounded by vast expanses of pine, and mostly empty,...
One-Mug Recipes That Are Perfect for Cabins
These clever recipes prove quick and easy can also be quite delicious.
Keeping a Phenology Calendar Through the Seasons
Phenology is a branch of science that deals with the relationships between climate and biological phenomena. Quite simply, it’s...
Cabin Stargazing Tips
How Stargazing at Your Cabin Helps Scientists
Here's how an evening on the porch can help expand our understanding of the universe.
At This Remote Lake Community, Barges Make Life Possible–Here's How
When your cabin is accessible only by water, getting construction materials or household appliances to your site involves using...
Reflections on a Summer (and Fall) of Fire
Cabin owner and enthusiast Jana Studelska reflects on the heartache of evacuating her Minnesota cabin during a harrowing wildfi...
Rental Cabins With Fall Foliage
The Best Vacation Cabins for Leaf Peeping
Hit the road this fall and post up in one of these dreamy cabins where showstopping displays of fall color are right outside yo...

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