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Cabin Tours

Explore a variety of different types of cabins from around the country. Tour classic log cabins, modern and unique retreats, and cozy cottages.

Small Cabin Escape: Once Upon a Time
Tucked away in a grove of white pine trees and surrounded by an immaculate garden, this charming cottage is a small cabin escape that looks as if it were plucked from your favorite childhood fairytale.
My Cabin: A Little Cabin in the Woods
Finding serenity in little cabin in the woods.
Cozy Small Log Cabin With Rustic Charm
A Cozy Cabin with a Rustic Feel
This outdoorsy Tennessee home – designed to look like it was built in the 1850s – might be a cozy cabin, but it lives large.
Pioneering Log Cabin
A quaint little 18x18-foot one-room pioneering log cabin called the “Garden House” sits proudly in Spring Mill State Park, near...
Building a Lakeside Cabin in North Dakota
This reader found a blessing in the wake of tragedy with a lake cabin in the woods.
A Historic Log Cabin in Wisconsin
A historic log cabin on Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula is steeped in Americana, with connections to President Franklin D. Ro...
Bedroom With Southwestern Style
A Cabin With Southwestern Style in the California Hills
Doing it all himself, one man transforms a hunting cabin into a personal getaway.
Small Cabin Spotlight: Richland, Oregon
This small cabin escape in Richland, Oregon was a revival project.
A Hard-Earned Cabin in Oregon With Major Rustic Style
One couple spends years dreaming, planning, and finally, living in and loving their new cabin in the woods.
A Cabin in the North Carolina Mountains
This breezy, bright cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains captures majestic views and embraces North Carolina's outdoors.
A Transformed Family Lake Cabin in Wisconsin
A family transforms a run-down lake cabin in Wisconsin into a glorious retreat.
A Family Cabin on Puget Sound
Cabin visits may be routine, but they never get old. Read about this family's cabin on Puget Sound.
A Lakefront Cabin in Vermont
A summer cabin in Vermont is rebuilt near a lake so that it retains that old camp charm while offering modern conveniences.
A Nature-Inspired Minnesota Cabin
The fruits of ownership at this Minnesota cabin are so special.
Mountain Retreat on a Slope
Small Cabin Escape: Cottage by the Sea
Located at Nauset Heights in Orleans, Mass., this “Little House,” as its owners call it, was built around 1910 by an artist fro...
Small Cabin Escape: Serenity
Gordon Gregory photographed this private cabin at dusk in the Gallatin Valley near Bozeman, Mont., showing Ross Peak in the Bri...
A Creekside Cottage for the Ages
The descendant of the original owner buys it back, then builds a beautiful namesake.
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