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Plan, Design and Build Your Cabin

Are you dreaming of building the perfect cabin, but not sure where to start? From finding the perfect land to your cabin retreat, to the cabin construction process—we have you covered. Cabin Life offers expert advice on building your own cabin from the ground-up or finding a respectable log home company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, we cover how to plan a cabin budget and save money with energy-saving tips so you are stress-free while enjoying your favorite place on earth.

And once you've built the home of your dreams, you'll need to get designing and decorating so you make the space your own. Let us give you the cabin inspiration you need to love your cabin well into retirement.

What is a Systems-Built Cabin?
What is a Systems-Built Cabin?
Looking for a cabin or cottage with advantages? Systems-built construction may be just what you need.
How to Design a Cozy Cabin
How to Design a Cozy Cabin
Coziness a feeling that's created through thoughtfully selected design elements. See how these 10 classic cottage details measu...
Property Brother's Advice on Tiny Home Living
Property Brothers' Advice on Tiny Home Living
We met up with HGTV's Property Brothers, and they gave us some space-saving design solutions you can use for the cabin.
9 Cozy Cabins Under 1,000 Square Feet
Can't get enough cabins and cottages? Neither can we. Find your new design inspiration with these charming tiny homes.
Hot Accessories for Your Porch
The 4 Essentials for Porch Parties
Whether you’re having friends over for a drink or serving dinner to a crowd, make sure you keep your loved ones warm and cozy a...
Utilizing Your Patio Space
Utilize Your Patio Space For Year-Round Comfort
No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a relaxing area to entertain year round. Follow these tips and ...
Create a Welcoming Entry
How to Create a Welcoming Cabin Entry
We all know you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your cabin entry looks the part. Follow these tip...
DIY Copper Garden Tower
DIY Copper Garden Tower
Build this trellis in a day. Then use it to dress up any corner of your garden!
Protect Your Outdoor Furniture
How to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture
Protecting your outdoor furniture from the elements can be tricky, but follow these tips and your cabin furniture will stand th...
3 Easy-Care Roses
3 Easy-Care Roses for the Cabin
These easy to take care of roses will survive anything you throw at them and are perfect for busy cabin owners.
DIY: Build Your Own Adirondack Chair
DIY: Build Your Own Adirondack Chair
Adirondack chairs are the perfect accessory for any outdoor cabin space. Add a touch of personal flair to your yard by followin...
Mood Lighting for the Backyard
Mood Lighting for the Backyard
Need a bit more light in your backyard? Liven up your outdoor space with these stylish lighting tips.
Sensational Garden Seating
The Best Garden Seating Options for the Cabin
Create a peaceful oasis at your cabin with these trendy garden seating ideas that will make your yard stand out.
How to Prune a Lilac
How to Prune a Lilac
This spring, spruce up your shrubs by properly pruning them. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered.
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How to Expand a Small Patio Table
Need more seating but don't want to buy a new table? It's possible to do both.
Find the Best Air Conditioner for Your Cabin this Summer
The Best Air Conditioner for Your Cabin this Summer
We’ve put together an air conditioner guide to help you best equip your home's rising temperatures this summer.
DIY Deck Planters
DIY Deck Planters
These inexpensive planters are easy to customize and will give your deck a personalized touch.
Using Plants for Outdoor Privacy
How to Use Plants for Outdoor Privacy
These easy planting tips give your deck the privacy it needs for a cheerful outdoor space that really does invite you outside.

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