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Plan, Design and Build Your Cabin

Are you dreaming of building the perfect cabin, but not sure where to start? From finding the perfect land to your cabin retreat, to the cabin construction process—we have you covered. Cabin Life offers expert advice on building your own cabin from the ground-up or finding a respectable log home company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Plus, we cover how to plan a cabin budget and save money with energy-saving tips so you are stress-free while enjoying your favorite place on earth.

And once you've built the home of your dreams, you'll need to get designing and decorating so you make the space your own. Let us give you the cabin inspiration you need to love your cabin well into retirement.

5 DIY Projects to Spice Up Your Cabin Kitchen
5 DIY Projects to Spice Up Your Cabin Kitchen
These easy DIY projects will fuel your creative spirit and give your cabin kitchen a personalized touch.
Artist Spotlight: Falconfire Pottery
Artist Spotlight: Falconfire Pottery
Falconfire’s utilitarian pots, are fashioned out of stoneware or porcelain then fired to volcanic temperatures.
Build Your Dream Home with Log & Timber Online University
Build Your Dream Home!
Learn everything you need to know about building your dream log and timber home.
Yurt Inspiration
Building a Yurt? Find Inspiration for Your Design
Here are some extra photos of a couple who built a cozy Alaskan yurt.
The Perks of Building a Cabin Tower
The Perks of Building a Cabin Tower
To capture views, nothing beats cabin towers.
Building with Concrete Logs
Building with Concrete Logs
Concrete logs are a stylish and fire-resistant alternative to traditional wood logs.
Room to Grow: How to Add a Cabin Addition
Room to Grow: How to Add a Cabin Addition
Additions to a cabin can multiply the fun for the entire family by providing everyone with a space of their own.
Lighting 101: Your Guide to Lighting Your Cabin
Lighting 101: A Guide to Lighting Your Cabin
Smart lighting strategies to brighten up your cabin.
Why Puget Sound, Port Orchard is the Perfect Place to Build a Cabin
Why Puget Sound, Port Orchard is the Perfect Place to Build a Cabin
This little city in Washington is perfect for all kinds of families looking to start their cabin life on the coastal shore.
How to Build a Cabin Debt-Free
Here's How One Cabin Owner Stayed Debt-Free While Building Her Dream Getaway
With a bit of ingenuity and patience, this Washington woman shows us how she was able to create her dream cabins on a budget.
What is a Log Cabin?
What is a Log Cabin?
An outline of what distinguishes log cabins from other kinds of cabins.
How to Have a Two-Structure Log Cabin
How to Have a Two-Structure Log Cabin
See how this cabin in North Carolina uses two structures instead of one for a unique look.
Check Out this Adorable California Farmhouse
A 388-Square-Foot, Farmhouse-Style Cabin in California
This cute California cabin pulls inspiration from classic farmhouse style.
Stay in a Cozy Minnesota Treehouse
Stay in a Cozy Minnesota Tree House
These quaint Minnesota cabins offer visitors a chance to live among the trees.
A Modern Northwest Cabin with a Twist
You Won't Believe this Prefabricated Home
This cabin shows what can be accomplished when prefabricated homes mix with style.
This Charming Northwest Cottage has it All
This Northwest Cottage Has it All
This 1,800 square foot craftsman-style cottage has character, charm and plenty of style.
The Virginia Timber Frame That Blends Beauty & Nature
Are Timber Cabins Energy Efficient?
Craving the cabin lifestyle, but worried about the environmental impact? Find out how timber cabins are becoming a popular choi...
What is a Timber Cabin?
What makes a timber frame cabin different from other building styles? Find out what the unique benefits are to owning your own ...

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