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Cabin Maintenance

Keeping up with a cabin, especially if it's a second home, can feel overwhelming. We provide the best tips and advice on maintaining the cabin so there are less undiscovered surprises that pop up.

Maintaining the Outhouse
Maintaining the Outhouse: How to Treat Outhouse Waste
Learn how to properly maintain the outhouse at your cabin. We cover how to treat the waste in an outhouse in an environmentally...
Fire Pit Near Septic Area
Fire Pit Near Septic Area
LCD vs. LED TV for Cold Climate at Cabin
Which TV is Better for a Cold Climate: LCD or LED?
If your TV is left in sub-freezing temperatures or cold climates most of the winter, which is the better choice: LCD or LED?
How to Prevent and Treat Mold and Mildew in Cabin Bathrooms
A few simple steps to prevent unwanted mold and mildew in your bathroom.
log home for sale in worley idaho
How to Clean Interior Logs
Cleaning the interior logs of years of dust and grime, might feel overwhelming. But our guide makes it more manageable.
Lake-Friendly Soaps
Is Any Soap Environmentally Safe for the Lake?
How Reverse Osmosis is Used to Produce Maple Syrup
Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
Expert tips for ensuring your aqua is A-OK
How to Plant Trees for Energy Savings
How to Plant Trees for Energy Savings
Nurturing a few trees around your cabin adds aesthetic value for sure, but with a little strategy before sinking your shovel, y...
Rain Garden
Rain Garden Benefits and Tips
Retrofit Your Cabin for Energy Efficiency
Retrofit Your Cabin for Energy Efficiency
From quick fixes to major projects, you can save major money and have a more energy efficient cabin.
Environmentally Friendly Toilets
Composting and incinerating toilets can be a practical, economical and eco-friendly choice for cabin owners.
Essential Guide to Composting vs. Incinerator Toilets
The Essential Guide to Composting vs. Incinerating Toilets
Can’t decide between a composting or incinerating toilet? Learn which kind is best for your cabin.
Environmentally Friendly Cabin Design
Environmentally Friendly Cabin Design
These environmentally friendly cabin design practices can save you money and benefit your health, while minimizing your impact ...
Choosing Trees for Your Property
Trees: Keep, Cut or Plant?
A guide to trees and your cabin.
How to Rent Out Your Vacation Cabin
Intrigued about the possibilities of renting your own cabin to guests? Get some insider advice:
Log Railing Care
The experts at Sashco have pulled together four things you can do to help your log railings last longer.

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