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Cabin Maintenance

Keeping up with a cabin, especially if it's a second home, can feel overwhelming. We provide the best tips and advice on maintaining the cabin so there are less undiscovered surprises that pop up.

3 Tips to Make Big Containers Easier
3 Tips to Make Big Containers Easier
Containers should be fun, not work. Here are three handy tips that’ll make it easier to enjoy your containers without breaking your back or your bank account.
Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring
Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring
Of the many choices involved in building a deck or patio, which material to use is one of the most important. This guide will e...
water vs oil base stain_701_2018-06-28_14-51
The Difference Between Water-based and Oil-based Stain
Here’s a quick checklist when deciding which stain to use.
staining prep_701_2018-06-28_14-39
How to Prep a Cabin for Staining
The five things you need to know before you apply stain.
low maintenance home_701_2018-06-28_14-19
Designing For a Low Maintenance Home
Design tips that you want to keep in mind for a low maintenance home.
clear stain_701_2018-06-28_14-08
Pros and Cons of Using a Clear Coat On My Exterior Logs
Learn the pros and cons of using only a clear coat to achieve a natural look over time.
crack prevention_701_2018-06-28_13-49
How to Prevent Cracks From Growing
4 key things to do to slow down the rate of evaporation and rate of cracking.
picture frame effect_701_2018-06-28_13-36
Avoiding UV Exposure and Natural Oxidization
Learn about the 4 options for getting rid of the picture frame effect after UV exposure and natural oxidization.
How to Take Care of Outdoor Fabric
How to Take Care of Outdoor Fabric
Fabric can add a flair of color to any outdoor space, but what happens when the fabric gets damaged? Here are some quick tips t...
logs vs 2x4_701_2018-06-28_12-59
The Difference Between Logs and 2x4s
Three of the (very technical) reasons why logs are special.
Four Fast-Growing Trees
4 Fast-Growing Trees to Plant at the Cabin
Trees are the perfect accessory to any outdoor space, but waiting for them to grow can be a challenge. These four fast-growing ...
caulking 101_701_2018-06-28_13-24
Caulking 10
A crash course that help your get your caulking done right.
6 Easy Ways to Create Shade
Shade is relaxing, cooling, good for your skin... We’ll show you six ways to get it — from instant to worth-the-wait.
Tips and Tricks For Power Washing
Power washing tips to ensure you get the best results for your staining job.
How to Fix Torn Down Chinking and Caulking
How to Fix Torn Down Chinking and Caulking
Learn about the 4 major causes for why your chinking and caulking is tearing down the middle and how you can fix it.
How to Stain a Patio
How to Stain a Patio
Want to turn your plain patio into an inviting outdoor oasis? All you need is one weekend and an easy-to-use concrete staining ...
Build a Pergola + Privacy Screen for your Deck
Build a Pergola + Privacy Screen for your Deck
By starting with the existing framing and adding distinctive new elements above it, you can create a deck that stands out. Here...
How to Remodel a Deck
How to Remodel a Deck
Start with your old, tired deck. Add one, or all five, of these easy-to-build projects. Then enjoy your great-looking outdoor r...

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