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Cabin Maintenance

Keeping up with a cabin, especially if it's a second home, can feel overwhelming. We provide the best tips and advice on maintaining the cabin so there are less undiscovered surprises that pop up.

Retrofit Your Cabin for Energy Efficiency
Retrofit Your Cabin for Energy Efficiency
From quick fixes to major projects, you can save major money and have a more energy efficient cabin.
Environmentally Friendly Toilets
Composting and incinerating toilets can be a practical, economical and eco-friendly choice for cabin owners.
Composting vs. Incinerating Toilets
Composting vs. Incinerating Toilets
Can’t decide between a composting or incinerating toilet? Learn which which kind is best for your cabin.
Environmentally Friendly Cabin Design
Environmentally Friendly Cabin Design
These environmentally friendly cabin design practices can save you money and benefit your health, while minimizing your impact ...
Trees: Keep, Cut or Plant?
A guide to trees and your cabin.
How to Rent Out Your Vacation Cabin
Intrigued about the possibilities of renting your own cabin to guests? Get some insider advice:
Log Railing Care
The experts at Sashco have pulled together four things you can do to help your log railings last longer.
Fall Maintenance Guide
Prepare your cabin to withstand the colder months with our Fall checklist.
What to Know About the American Goldfinch
Learn all about the American goldfinch and how you can attract them to your cabin.
How to Deal with Snakes at the Cabin
If snakes are invading your cabin garden, follow these tips on how to deal with them effectively.
How to Deal with Chipmunks at the Cabin
Whether you love them or hate them, follow these tips for how do deal with chipmunks in your cabin garden.
5 Tips for Raking this Fall
When the leaves start falling, it's time to start raking! Follow these raking tips to keep your outdoor space tidy this season.
How to Deal with Squirrels at the Cabin
Squirrels are no stranger to the cabin life. Here's what to do when squirrels are a common visitor in your outdoor space.
How to Deal with Rabbits at the Cabin
What to do when rabbits are invading your outdoor space at the cabin.
How to Deal with Deer at the Cabin
What to do when you come across wild deer in your cabin garden.
Your Fall Yard Maintenance Checklist
Use these seasonal and regional tips to get your garden in shape for winter.
3 Tips for Fall Planting
If you haven’t scoped out the great fall bargains or done any fall rearranging, now’s the time. Keep these three tips in mind to give your new perennials, trees and shrubs a great start.