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Cabin Maintenance

Keeping up with a cabin, especially if it's a second home, can feel overwhelming. We provide the best tips and advice on maintaining the cabin so there are less undiscovered surprises that pop up.

Things That Go 'Bump' on the Dock
Things That Go BUMP on the Dock
Dock Bumpers are an important accessory to have for any boat owner. Learn more about what dock bumpers are and why you should consider getting them.
Winterizing: TLC for Your Boat
Winterizing: TLC for Your Boat
When Old Man Winter comes knocking at your door, make sure you properly store and care for your boat.
The Right Dock for Your Waters
The Right Dock for Your Waters
A dock can add a lot to a waterfront property. Learn about the different types of docks that you should consider getting for yo...
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Should You Remove Your Dock Before Winter?
Many lake cabin owners in the Frostbelt have wrestled with this question: Should I remove my dock from the lake before winter, ...
Snow-Covered Cabin in Winter
Closing Up the Cabin for the Season
Closing up the cabin for cold days ahead? Check and make sure you've completed everything before it's too late.
Septic System Alternatives
What Are the Alternatives to Septic Systems?
A reader writes in inquiring about waste-system options for a tricky lakefront lot.
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Quiet Generators for the Cabin
Quiet Generators for the Cabin
Is a propane generator quieter for your cabin?
Maintaining the Outhouse
Maintaining the Outhouse: How to Treat Outhouse Waste
Learn how to properly maintain the outhouse at your cabin. We cover how to treat the waste in an outhouse in an environmentally...
Fire Pit Near Septic Area
How to Prevent and Treat Mold and Mildew in Cabin Bathrooms
A few simple steps to prevent unwanted mold and mildew in your bathroom.
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How to Clean Interior Logs
Cleaning the interior logs of years of dust and grime, might feel overwhelming. But our guide makes it more manageable.
Lake-Friendly Soaps
How to Plant Trees for Energy Savings
Nurturing a few trees around your cabin adds aesthetic value for sure, but with a little strategy before sinking your shovel, y...
Rain Garden